9 Outrageous Oils To Make Your Life Explode

  1. “3 Wise Men” – Really?? Are there that many? I’m not so sure. The Bible doesn’t even say there were three of them back then either. However, if this is true, then they are some pretty awesome men, because it “enhances emotional equilibrium as it soothes and uplifts … Wait, there’s more!

Bergamot Essential Oil

This entry is part 26 of 26 in the series Oil A Week

This entry is part 26 of 26 in the series Oil A Week We are our own worst critics. We often criticize ourselves harshly in ways we would never criticize another person. Self esteem drops and we experience hopelessness and despair. Bergamot essential oil helps us reverse this negative cycle … Wait, there’s more!

Clove Essential Oil

Here is one of my favorites especially for numbing irritations of the mouth and lips. Clove is the natural numbing agent used for dental work before humans synthesized it into a chemical compound. When I get cold sores or irritations on my mouth, I put helichrysum essential oil to help … Wait, there’s more!

NingXia Nitro Cognitive Boost NOW AVAILABLE!

Ninja Alert!! Ever want to be thinking clearly AND full of energy but NOT shaky? This is a Ninja Mom’s must have! Ningxia Nitro is a healthy alternative to chemical -laden, anti-nutritional energy drinks. Forget the mere 5 Hour Energy drinks –Add NingXia Nitro™ to 2oz of NingXia Red for … Wait, there’s more!

Blood Sugar Wars

It’s time for us Ninja Moms to take a stand in our bodies against roller-coaster ride blood sugar levels. Too much sugar in the blood, diabetes. Not enough sugar in the blood, hypoglycemia. And none of it is any fun, although it may turn our lives upside down. NingXia Red … Wait, there’s more!

Relaxing Bath Recipe

Young Living beauty tip consultant, Dr. Luba Vozar, Phd, has recommended a wonderful blend of Young Living essential oils to create a restoring, aromatic bath: 2 drops pine essential oil 5 drops orange essential oil 5 drops lavender essential oil 1/4 cup honey Mix essential oils in the honey. Fill … Wait, there’s more!

Orange Essential Oil (Oil A Week)

This entry is part 25 of 26 in the series Oil A Week

This entry is part 25 of 26 in the series Oil A WeekI love essential oils that are versatile like orange. It slices, it dices! Furniture polish to alert teenagers with smooth skin, stress-be-gone to bug offender. This stuff is good. It also happens to be budget-friendly. Have you noticed … Wait, there’s more!

Pet Marking Be Gone

Could this adorable fuzz ball completely wreck carpeting in pursuit of “claiming” territory as her own? You bet! No matter how many times we’ve tried to get her to go potty on the potty pad (what a concept!) she has this one spot in the back of the living room … Wait, there’s more!

Breaking News Peppermint Testimonial

I got up this morning and stretched the wrong way, causing the muscles in my upper left ribcage to pull and then cramp. Screaming. Pain. I literally stumbled downstairs where I knew my sick daughter sleeping on the couch had control of the Peppermint oil to put on her tummy. … Wait, there’s more!