Problematic Monthly Struggle

woman-face-stressedI am tempted to use so many euphemisms for the female monthly cycle, but I will try to restrain myself so that nobody starts throwing rotten tomatoes at me. ;) Cut to the chase: ideas for help with PMS:

Moodiness: Essential oils of bergamot and clary sage work to improve overall mood, keep you even-tempered, and lift the spirits.

Irritability: If you find yourself generally irritable, look into obtaining some geranium essential oil.

Depression: If you tend more towards sadness and depression, add rose essential oil to your plan.

Cramps: The clary sage essential oil you purchased to even your mood will also help with menstrual cramps when combined with lavender and/or Roman chamomile.

Stress: Lavender and Roman chamomile are also wonderful for inducing relaxation and restful sleep at the end of a hard day.

Headache: Combine lavender and Roman chamomile with peppermint essential oil for relief from the debilitating headaches that sometimes are characteristic of PMS.

Fatigue: For a pick-me-up on a particularly difficult day, use a combination of a citrus essential oil like lemon, orange, or grapefruit along with rosemary and basil to energize and rejuvenate.

Bloating: Grapefruit and lemon essential oils work wonders for bloating, as does juniper essential oil, and these are the same oils that will be soothing to a constipated or watery digestive system.

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