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frankincense displayFor spiritual awareness, prayer, and meditation, Frankincense essential oil stands alone in its power. This makes sense to me, as people from different religions have highly valued and respected it for thousands of years. Not only is it amazing in spiritual uplifting and strengthening, it’s also used by quite a few ninja moms for incredibly soft, smooth, skin. Frankincense essential oil is my go-to oil that I use as a layer along with whatever oils are indicated.

Frankincense has been used as a holy anointing oil in the Middle East for thousands of years.  During Bible times, it was considered more valuable than gold, and one of the gifts given to Jesus by the Magi. Frankincense was used for its healing properties by many ancient civilizations. Today, it has been studied and used in European hospitals therapeutically.

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What is Frankincense Essential Oil Good For?

Immuno-stimulant – contains sesquiterpenes which make it able to cross the blood brain barrier. Increases the activities of leukocytes to help defend the body against infection.

antidepressant used or tending to relieve or prevent psychic depression  (

muscle relaxant (muscles-relaxed, get it?)

antitumoral – Full of limonene which scientist guys  studied and got all excited about its ability to combat tumor growth (Wham! Pow!!).

expectorant – soothing congestion while also relaxing breathing


  • Diffuse  for congestion and voice loss, relaxes breathing.
  • Put a couple drops on temples and back of neck for stress relief.
  • Blend with massage oil or in the bath for circulation, respiratory support, exhaustion, and nightmares.
  • Good astringent on the skin, stimulates aging skin and may help the body healing itself of wounds, sores, and ulcers.
  • Add Frankincense essential oil to a base cream or lotion to improve skin tone and condition while reducing oily skin at the same time.
  • Add a few drops of Frankincense to water when washing a wound.
  • Put 2 – 3 drops of Frankincense in a cold compress and put on scars, stretch marks, and bedsores.
  • Dab a cotton ball with a few drops of Frankincense essential oil on blemishes.
  • Heavy periods can be regulated using 3 – 4 drops of Frankincense in a carrier oil and rub affected area.

What do you do with it?

Put it on skin location, forehead, temples, back of neck.

Inhale it (smell it) directly out of the bottle.

Diffuse it: Only cold-diffusers, please. Heat messes up essential oils. Young Living has several great diffusers available:

  • Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser Item No. 4524 makes a mist with a couple drops of any essential oil and water. Plus, it looks really cool.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser Item No. 3662 for a green one, check it out on for other pretty colors. This you put some essential oils in it and it turns them into micro-fine vapor in the air. It’s important to note that some essential oils, like Myrrh for instance are too thick to use in these diffusers and can clog them up. Stick to the majority of the oils that are of thinner consistency. Basically, if its thick and gooey, don’t use it in this diffuser.
  • Home Diffuser Item No. 4468 This diffuser is the most affordable, it uses ultrasonic stuff to make a mist from a few drops of essential oils and distilled water. As an extra bonus, when you buy this diffuser you also get 2 essential oils, Lavender and Citrus Fresh, in 4 ml bottles
  • TheraPro Premium Diffuser No 4495 This is the Power User Diffuser. You put the bottle of essential oil directly on it, and it gives off a ultra fine, concentrated (power packed) mist

Take it as a dietary supplement. To take internally, buy some vegetable gel capsules from your local Whole Foods or health-conscious food store. If you don’t have one of those, Young Living comes to your rescue! Order Clear Vegetable Capsules, Item No. 3193 and you get 250 capsules. Retail price is $9.87. If you are a Distributor or Preferred Customer, just sign into and it will show the various discounted prices for you.

Where else can you find Frankincense essential oil?

It is part of  3 Wise Men, Abundance, Acceptance, Awaken, Believe, Brain Power, Exodus II, Egyptian Gold, Forgiveness, Gathering, Gratitude, Harmony, Highest Potential, Humility, Immupower, Inspiration, Into The Future, Longevity, Transformation, Trauma Life, and Valor essential oil blends. You can find Frankincense in the Everyday Oils kit,  The Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture, and Essence of the Season collections.  ART Day Activator cream, Art Cleanser, ART Night Repair cream, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream, Longevity Softgels, and Wolfberry Eye Cream also contain Frankincense essential oil.


Click for the pdf you can print out:    Frankincense.pdf

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