9 Outrageous Oils To Make Your Life Explode

  1. 050931-N-9769P-001  1.3 Wise Men” – Really?? Are there that many? I’m not so sure. The Bible doesn’t even say there were three of them back then either. However, if this is true, then they are some pretty awesome men, because it “enhances emotional equilibrium as it soothes and uplifts the heart.” Teddy bears and chocolate usually do that for me, but those are far less potent than this essential oil blend. It got me thru some serious therapy–I did lose my hearing after all. If there was any time my heart needed to be soothed and uplifted, that would be it. And it worked.

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Bergamot Essential Oil


We are our own worst critics. We often criticize ourselves harshly in ways we would never criticize another person. Self esteem drops and we experience hopelessness and despair. Bergamot essential oil helps us reverse this negative cycle and not only accept ourselves, but value the person we are.woman_relax_tub_spa_small 200x200

What is Bergamot Good For?

Relief from anxiety, bergamot will bump up your mood. This very calming oil also has hormonal support for those times that the nasties attack us head-on. It is a sedative, which means it can put you to sleep, so no bergamot oil when you are driving, please. Insomniacs rejoice, relief is near! Bergamot oil can cause sun sensitivity, so do not put it on areas of skin if you will be out in the sunshine within 72 hours. Bergamot can settle feelings of agitation and soothe depressive feelings. Bergamot is also supportive of the intestines and fights viral infection. Wait, there’s more!

Clove Essential Oil

Clove 3524

Clove Item No. 3524

Here is one of my favorites especially for numbing irritations of the mouth and lips. Clove is the natural numbing agent used for dental work before humans synthesized it into a chemical compound. When I get cold sores or irritations on my mouth, I put helichrysum essential oil to help it heal, but I put Clove essential oil to numb the irritation. This has been used successfully inside the mouth for bothersome issues as well. I don’t have to worry about it being toxic because it is pure therapaeutic Clove oil — nothing added, nothing subtracted. My children have used it safely for years. Sometimes it’s not just the healing that is important, the irritation can drive you crazy. Reach for a little bit of Clove essential oil and get relief.

It Slices, It Dices: Emotional Impact

The emotional impact of Clove essential oil is very strong towards moving a person from a not a doormatvictim mentality into a sense of self-empowerment. It also affects a person’s ability to establish and maintain personal boundaries. In English, that means the ability to say “no” and to stop being a doormat. Instead of feeling responsible for the world and everything that is going on, Clove essential oil gives you that boost to limit co-dependency tendencies. Attention Ninja Moms: You do not have to be everything to everyone all the time.


procrastination-inbasketThe urge to put off, ignore, postpone those things we need to do. My dentist knows about that, I was supposed to go in for a checkup in April, and I finally did it last week. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I dragged my feet like a teenager asked to do just about anything. Procrastination happens when our will gets paralyzed because we don’t do what we know we should do. Because our hearts are at odds with the task at hand, we feel emotionally drained, overwhelmed by tasks we would rather just not do. Blue Tansy essential oil can help us get re-energized on the inside, with inspiration to take action. Sometimes it’s the specific task that we dread, and sometimes our will has become paralyzed into laziness.

Other places you can find Blue Tansy is in the following Young Living Essential Oil Blends: Acceptance, Peace & Calming, Release, Valor, SARA, and Dream Catcher. Blue Tansy essential oil helps us to accept and let go of all the negatives. Renewed, we find the inner strength to be true to ourselves.

NingXia Nitro Cognitive Boost NOW AVAILABLE!


Ninja Alert!! Ever want to be thinking clearly AND full of energy but NOT shaky? This is a Ninja Mom’s must have! Ningxia Nitro is a healthy alternative to chemical -laden, anti-nutritional energy drinks. Forget the mere 5 Hour Energy drinks –Add NingXia Nitro™ to 2oz of NingXia Red for all-day energy!

How to Use
 This stuff is AWESOME straight up! Consume NingXia Nitro™ directly from the tube or mix with 2-4 oz. of NingXia Red® or 4 oz. of water to enhance physical performance, lift mental fog, or anytime you need a pick-me-up. Best served chilled. Shake well before use. Wait, there’s more!

Blood Sugar Wars

sugar-lipsIt’s time for us Ninja Moms to take a stand in our bodies against roller-coaster ride blood sugar levels. Too much sugar in the blood, diabetes. Not enough sugar in the blood, hypoglycemia. And none of it is any fun, although it may turn our lives upside down. NingXia Red is part of any serious Ninja Mom’s arsenal against physical chaos. We do not have time for physical chaos, we have enough chaos generated by our beloved little/big ones. Ever seen a 12 yr old cycle thru sugar-high-to-sugar-crash? Not. Pretty.NewNingxia_30-_packets_3525

NingXia Red is powerful, energizing, and easy– you don’t have to cook it or do anything to it, unless you wanna count shaking the bottle as mild exercise activity. Even better, you can get NingXia Red to go — little packets to keep in your purse/car/backpack to ward off the whineys in the back seat AND increase your own physical stamina. No pokey-hole straws needed (cue the Hallelujah choir.) Wait, there’s more!

Problematic Monthly Struggle

woman-face-stressedI am tempted to use so many euphemisms for the female monthly cycle, but I will try to restrain myself so that nobody starts throwing rotten tomatoes at me. 😉 Cut to the chase: ideas for help:

Moodiness: Essential oils of bergamot and clary sage work to improve overall mood, keep you even-tempered, and lift the spirits.

Irritability: If you find yourself generally irritable, look into obtaining some geranium essential oil.

The Blues: If you tend more towards sadness, add rose essential oil to your plan.

Female discomfort: The clary sage essential oil you purchased to even your mood will also help with menstrual cramps when combined with lavender and/or Roman chamomile.

Stress: Lavender and Roman chamomile are also wonderful for inducing relaxation and restful sleep at the end of a hard day.

Headache: Combine lavender and Roman chamomile with peppermint essential oil for an uplifting and energizing aroma Wait, there’s more!

Relaxing Bath Recipe

Young Living beauty tip consultant, Dr. Luba Vozar, Phd, has recommended a wonderful blend of Young Living essential oils to create a restoring, aromatic bath:woman_relax_tub_spa_small 200x200

2 drops pine essential oil

5 drops orange essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

1/4 cup honey

Mix essential oils in the honey. Fill tub with water and add the honey mixture. Stir well and relax in heavenly aroma.

Orange Essential Oil (Oil A Week)


Item No. 3602

I love essential oils that are versatile like orange. It slices, it dices! Oranges_fruitFurniture polish to alert teenagers with smooth skin, stress-be-gone to bug offender. This stuff is good. It also happens to be budget-friendly. Have you noticed how many cleaning products on the market use orange oil? With pure therapeutic grade essential oil, I have control over what else I mix with it. I don’t mix with chemicals that I can’t pronounce, or nasty stuff that might harm my 4 ½ pound yorkie.

 What is Orange Essential Oil Good For?

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Pet Marking Be Gone


Could this adorable fuzz ball completely wreck carpeting in pursuit of “claiming” territory as her own? You bet! No matter how many times we’ve tried to get her to go potty on the potty pad (what a concept!) she has this one spot in the back of the living room that she prefers. Lotsa money, scrubbing, and cleaning of the area does not seem to affect her marking habits one bit. Cut to the chase…. I’m in local retail pet stuff store, perusing shelves of potions claiming to repel my little one from her favorite peeing spot– all for a mere $29.95 and up. Suddenly, I decide to take a look at what these magic formulas actually contain to decide if I’m gonna shell out the bucks to win this battle. Then I smile, I chuckle, I laugh even as I determine that along with a little bit of dish soap, most of them mainly consist of lemongrass essential oil and cinnamon essential oil. I can do that, and I’ve got the power of Young Living Therapeutic Grade oils which would blow the socks off the expensive potions in the store. And, I don’t have to worry about it actually harming my little pup. One step closer to world peace.